In February 2011, Head Chef, Zoran Perovic took Luigi's restaurant over with his family. Zoran has been trained
by Italian chefs and worked in restaurants around the world. For over 20 years, he has been the head chef for
some of the most popular Italian restaurants in Europe. He has gained rave reviews from some of the top food
critics in Scotland including Tam Cowan, from the Daily Record:

ďÖthe bruschetta was also perfect with just the right amount of sliced tomato and not too much olive oil.
I instinctively knew my pizza was going to be a taste sensation and the Atomica didnít disappoint... just
let me tell you that, for the first time, I finished a whole pizza. It was easily the best Iíve eaten and, if I
can do some sort of deal with the delivery driver, I think Iíll start phoning 80-mile carry-outs.Ē

With Zoranís contribution the Restaurant he worked at 2004 was reviewed at the highest
possible score of 25/25 and hit the top of the national chart.

Now, dear customers, Zoran is here cooking for you in Luigiís!